Photo c/o Stop Telling Women To Smile

Photo c/o Stop Telling Women To Smile

If you are representing an organization or business that would like your staff to show their support for the Letters To Our Brothers campaign, you are most welcome! We would be happy to list you as a partner of our organization and post your letters as well as any photos or videos you seek to contribute.

Simply have each staff member write their own Letter To Our Brothers and give it to you. Then have them type it up and save it as a word document to forward to us. The handwritten letters should be scanned and saved as “EMPLOYEENAME,letter” and its corresponding typed version should be saved as “EMPLOYEENAMEtyped”.

Additionally, if your staff would like to take a group photo holding a Dear Brother slogan sign, or individual employee photos holding said signs, such a contribution to the movement would be much appreciated.

All documents should be emailed to letterstoourbrothers (at)

If your business or organization is interested in organizing an educational demonstration like #occupythestreet, please contact us for additional details on how to best facilitate that. We would love to hear from you!


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