Next LTOB Event- #occupythestreet Rabat Bab Al-Ahad

The next event being hosted by Letters To Our Brothers is

#occupythestreet Rabat Bab al-Ahad

Sunday, May 4, 2014, 2:30pm


Letters To Our Brothers will #occupythestreet outside the famous Bab al-Ahad in Rabat. We will be handing out letters in English and Arabic to help spread the word of our campaign, build awareness about the street harassment crisis and hopefully change some minds about the plight of women in the streets. We will also be documenting women standing up for themselves using photographs and we will be taking video pledges from Brothers who vow to never harass women in the street.

For more information, please visit our events calendar.


LTOB Takes Over American Language Center Rabat

Saturday, April 19, 2014 – Activists from the Letters To Our Brothers campaign embarked on a journey to the American Language Center in Rabat to help spread the word about the campaign to end street harassment, garner more letters and get supporters for the cause. The overall response was very positive with many students and teachers expressing their interest and passion for ending street harassment in the Arab world. Many pledged to not only help by writing their letters, but many others vowed to help with the video and photo campaign, and even lend a hand at the next #occupythestreet event.

A great connection has been made and we hope to be receiving support from the capital soon!

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Next LTOB Event

The next event being hosted by Letters To Our Brothers is

Letters To Our Brothers Workshop ALC Rabat

The founders and activists of LTOB will head to ALC Rabat during the afternoon of Saturday, April 19, 2014 (2:30-4:00pm) to present to students about street harassment in Morocco and conduct a letter-writing workshop for classes to participate in our online campaign.


For more information, please visit our events calendar.

Poster campaign tackles sexual harassment on streets

The group says women change their behaviour due to the harassment The group says women change their behaviour due to the harassment

A poster campaign has been launched in towns and cities across Argentina aimed at combating the verbal harassment of girls and women on the street.

The Acción Respeto group hopes the campaign will raise awareness of the impact that shouting sexual obscenities and making aggressive remarks has on women.

Many of the posters feature phrases commonly shouted by men on the streets, together with the tagline “if it makes you uncomfortable reading it, imagine hearing it.”

Other posters raise awareness of how women and girls have had to change their daily behaviour due to the verbal abuse they receive in public.

A statement on the group’s Facebook page says: “From an early age women are subjected to these types of aggressive and intimidating comments, practically every day of their lives.

“These aggressions are taken lightly by society as they…

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shake that ass, baby: men, you’re better than street harassers

a feminist rhymes-with-witch

You are walking a few minutes from your home with your friend. The silence turns into heavy stomps and deep laughter behind you. Your friend reaches for your hair, pulling it out of its ponytail, and tucks it into your cardigan.

“Stop being so bait,” she says, confidently striding down the street as you feel your palms become moist. You can tell that she’s nervous too- she tucks her key between her left middle and index fingers, her right hand firmly on your forearm as the laughter turns to howls.

“What?” you hear the voices say. “You shy? Come on sexy, keep shaking that ass!”

More laughter. You aren’t finding this very funny at all. You want to bolt, but you know that will only feed them. Your strides do not reflect the fear in your eyes that you refuse to move from a point straight ahead of you.

Minutes pass…

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