Street Harassment – Why Its Very Real and Never A Compliment

A Sixteen Year Old Girl With Some Thoughts

Street harassment  is a difficult one because there’s a very fine line between giving a compliment and street harassment. 99% of the time its street harassment.

Today I am going to address some of the response’s from males when you bring up Street Harassment. I will just be discussing women who are harassed due to appearance, please bear in mind there are other forms of street harrasment eg. shouting homophobic comments at a gay man.

  1. “I was only giving a compliment” If it’s an actual compliment, such has “you have a really nice smile” followed by the person going about their way, I wouldn’t see it as street harassment. Its street harassment when its crude or lewd comments about a woman’s body/sexuality. Often times the guilty party continue to make remarks when you are forcibly trying to ignore them. Many women experience leers, catcalls, gestures, whistles, and honks on a…

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