Breeding Street Harassers

r. elaine writes

It’s really sad that the onus, at this point in time, seems to be on the woman/victim to stay safe in the streets. As women, we’re given advice to stay alert, be aware of our surroundings, we’re perhaps advised to bring something along with us that could be fashioned as a weapon, if needed. We’re told not to walk alone at night.

If we do experience harassment in the street, we’re told to ignore it, avoid eye contact, pretend we didn’t hear it. Keep walking.

If we choose to ignore it, maybe the perpetrator yells louder, calls us a bitch, and perhaps even follows us.

Street harassment does not always typically appear in the form of obscene language, obscene gestures, or even language of a sexual nature. It includes any unwanted attention. Some people tell us, “Hey, take it as a compliment!”. Well, what one person might view as a…

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